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Bimbisara (546 – 494 B.C.)

Bimbisara had a place with the Haryanka dynasty. He united his position by wedding cooperations. His first marital organization together was with the decision group of Kosala. He wedded Kosaladevi, sister of Prasenajit. He was given the Kasi district as settlement which yielded substantial income.

Bimbisara wedded Chellana, a princess of the Licchavi group of Vaisali. This marital cooperation secured for him the wellbeing of the northern boondocks. Additionally, it encouraged the development of Magadha northwards to the fringes of Nepal. He likewise wedded Khema of the regal place of Madra in focal Punjab. Bimbisara additionally attempted numerous undertakings and added more domains to his realm. He vanquished Brahmadatta of Anga and added that kingdom. He kept up benevolent relations with Avanti. He had additionally effectively redesigned the organization of his kingdom.

Bimbisara was a contemporary of both Vardhamana Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Notwithstanding, both religions claim him as their supporter and aficionado. He appears to have made various blessings to the Buddhist Sangha.

Ajatasatru (494 – 462 B.C.)

The rule of Ajatasatru was astounding for his military triumphs. He battled against Kosala and Vaisali. His won an awesome accomplishment against a considerable alliance drove by the Lichchavis of Vaisali. This had expanded his energy and distinction. This war went on for around sixteen years. It was as of now that Ajatasatru understood the key significance of the little village, Pataligrama (future Pataliputra). He braced it to serve as an advantageous base of operations against Vaisali. Buddhists and Jains both case that Ajatasatru was a supporter of their religion. Yet, it is by and large trusted that initially he was an adherent of Jainism and thusly grasped Buddhism.

He is said to have met Gautama Buddha. This scene is likewise portrayed in the models of Barhut. By Mahavamsa, he built a few chaityas and viharas. He was likewise instrumental in meeting the First Buddhist Council at Rajagriha not long after the passing of the Buddha.

The quick successor of Ajatasatru was Udayin. He established the framework of the new capital at Pataliputra arranged at the intersection of the two streams, the Ganges and the Son. Later it got to be renowned as the majestic capital of the Mauryas. Udayin's successors were powerless rulers and henceforth Magadha was caught by Saisunaga. In this manner the Haryanka dynasty arrived at an end and the Saisunaga dynasty came to cont

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