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RAZIA SULTAN (The First Women Ruler of India)

BIRTH: 1205
YEARS OF RULING: 1236- 1240

Razia Sultan, a brave sultan belonged to slave dynasty and was the first mulim women to rule India and only women to occupy the throne of Delhi. She succeeded her father Shams-ud-din Iltutmish to the Sultanate of Delhi in 1236. She was talented, wise, brave, excellent administrator, and a great warrior that attracted her father which resulted that she became the next sultan of Slave dynasty. Though her reign was just for three years, her bravery, her struggle and her undaunted spirit has been preserved in the treasures of history. Razia Sultan’s Tomb in Delhi is one of those places, which relives the unthwarted spirit of the brave woman who ruled Delhi once and for all.

Iltutmish (1210-1236) — a doting father, who ordered grand celebrations to welcome the birth of his first daughter after many sons. He took personal interest in her education and training and by the time she turned 13, Razia was acknowledged as an accomplished archer and horse rider who would frequently accompany her father in his military expeditions.
Words of Iltumish:
                        “This daughter of mine is better than many sons.”
Reason behind being the next sultan of Slave dynasty-
Once when Iltutmish was busy with the siege of the Gwalior fort, he had entrusted the government in Delhi to Razia, and on his return was so impressed with her performance that he decided to appoint her as his successor.

One of Iltutmish sons, Rukn-ud-din Firuz occupied the throne. He ruled Delhi for about seven months. In 1236, Razia Sultana defeated her brother with the support of the people of Delhi.

Being an efficient ruler Razia Sultana set up proper and complete law and order in her in his empire. She tried to improve the infrastructure of the country by encouraging trade, building roads, digging wells. And also she established schools, academies, centers for research, and public libraries that included the works of ancient philosophers along with the Quran and the traditions of Muhammad. Hindu works in the sciences, philosophy, astronomy, and literature were reportedly studied in schools and colleges. She contributed even in the field of art and culture and encouraged poets, painters and musicians.

No other thing can stop Razia except love. The reason behind end of her was her unacceptable love. Jamal-ud-Din Yaqut, an African Siddi slave turned nobleman who was a close confidante to her and was speculated to be her lover. Though it happened behind many veils and doors, their relationship was no secret in the Delhi court.
Malik Ikhtiar-ud-din Altunia, the governor of Bhatinda, was against such relationship of Razia. The story goes that Altunia and Raziya were childhood friends. As they grew up together, he fell in love with Raziya and the rebellion was simply a way of getting back Raziya.
 Tragedy followed swiftly. Yaqut was murdered and Altunia imprisoned Raziya.

End of Razia:
When she was trying to curb a rebellion against her by the Turkish Governor of Batinda, the Turkish nobles who were against such female throne, took advantage of her absence at Delhi and dethroned her. Her brother Bahram was crowned.
To save her own head, Raziya sensibly decided to marry Altunia, the governor of Batinda and marched towards Delhi with her husband. On October 13, 1240, she was defeated by Bahram and the unfortunate couple was put to death the very next day.


  1. it is a good illustration of braveness , courage and confidence to all women's.

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  3. well she might be the first and last women ruler of delhi sultanat but surely not of india. There were many rulers, head of states, queens who ruled in the name of kid king and sole queens (independent) who ruled earlier than rajiya and many would follow

  4. Shae brave woman in india.such a reall sultan

  5. i hats off her and every women who ruled in india

  6. She was a brave woman indeed but today there is no sign of even her tomb

  7. Razia is ideal for all women across the world,
    He made a new history in India

  8. Replies
    1. Yakut was false allegation of conspiracy by nobility to provoked altunia who loved her.
      he revolted out of jealousy and imprisoned her
      Wen misunderstanding clear they married

    2. administration and policies are not ther on the page

    3. administration and policies are not ther on the page

  9. What bravery , if Rajiya loved Yakut from her heart so after Yakut`s murder by Iltunia her childhood friend , she should not have at all married with him come what may . She should have rather fought with Iltunia for taking revenge of her lover Yakut . She became selfish to save herself and married with Iltunia the murderer of her lover .

  10. She was a brave woman indeed.Razia is ideal for all women across the world,
    He made a new history in India, but today there is no sign of even her tomb.

  11. She was a brave woman indeed.Razia is ideal for all women across the world,
    He made a new history in India, but today there is no sign of even her tomb.

  12. Nope,in fact yakut was a serpent,who was jealous of Altunia and made false allegations against him,thereby trying to get close to Razia.All the plots eventually came to surface and Razia was wise enough to realise her mistake and eventually accepted her childhood sweetheart Altunia.Razia will be remembered in history for her indomitable spirit and her wise and just qualities.All respect to her pious spirit and her true love for her childhood friend Altunia.

  13. Requesting ASI and GOI to preserve the tomb and other remnants of Razia,Shazia,Altunia in Haryana,Delhi and elsewhere.

  14. Razia married altunia out of love
    Infact she proposed her .
    yakut was card wc noble used to dethrone razia

    She was brave woman who did not compromise wd nobility instead fought against them
    Ps altunia did not forced her foe marriage

  15. Here's more info about Razia Sultan
    She was indeed a great female ruler.

  16. razia sultan is my ideal i like his story

  17. razia sultan is my ideal i like his story

  18. razia sultan a brave and even though she is a women she had ruled the country soooooo powerfully and she is not a men she is not a women, she is the only muslim girl who has ruled first time in India. i have learnt about her. the people who lived there don't like a women ruling their country so only they killed her. as i am a student i am soo worried about this murder.i hope you the people who have listened me what i am saying will support me.

  19. I like raiza sultan histry